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So, aside from chronicling the ever growing Nigerian comic book industry, I’ve been looking around the web and such for African comics in General. I found a couple, which hopefully I’ll be writing articles on in more depth later. But for now, I recently discovered two new titles I thought I should mention on here. 

I haven’t had the chance to read them yet. So, this isn’t a review of recommendation, but they do look promising, so check them out if you can find them.

The first is “Umzingeli”: The African Bouty Hunter!

Umzingeli is a bounty hunter working with the African Peacekeeping Force. Long lean and deadly with her trusty staff, the Ndebele warrior is locked in a fight for the greater good, against her nemesis, the “sadistic and emotionless” Tesla Morgan.


A fighter with a dark past who uses her skills to fight crime and corruption, Umzingeli is the creation of Eugene Ramirez Mapondera. She joins RazorMan and Sunblast Red in a small but growing legion of Zimbabwean superheroes, pioneering a nascent African comic culture in an industry long dominated by Japanese and American creators.


The second Title is “Shadow Walkers!”, created by Mutendei Akhaya Nabutete  creative historical and fan fiction writer, poet and winner of the first ever KenyaBuzz Movie Week Cosplay Competition. We caught up with with who launched his new comic book Shadow Walkers Awakening on April 15th, in 2018.

Mutendei had this to say in an interview last year: “Mutendei Writes is my comic publishing company that I started last year. I have been writing for seven years. While I was still working, I would do it as a hobby but I finally decided to do it professionally and it just took off. With Shadow Walkers, the premise is that life and gods began in Africa and spread outwards to other parts of the globe. The Shadow Walkers (African) gods influence life directly and indirectly. In a world being overtaken my modernity, they exist in secret fighting a secret war.”

 As the African comic book scene continues to grow in leaps and bounds, it will be interesting to see how if all unfolds and just how far we can all go.

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