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So, the Lagos Comic con was the first major comic con in existence. Held back in 2012 the comic convention was hosted at the Water Parks in Ikeja and was the brainchild of Ayodele Elegba and a couple of other contributors.

I’m proud to say that ComicBandit Press was at the first ever Lagos comic con in an officially capacity as a publisher. Back then, I’d published (and wrote) a comic book called Uhuru: Legend of the Windriders (the first issue of which is now at Comic Republic comics) and another comic (an anthology of Nigerian folklore stories) called Taboo. So far the anthology has featured a handful of Nigerian Artists, like Dayo Animashaun, Paps Nsikak Efet and Kayode Kro Onimole of Crasher and was released that year along with a multitude of other titles from comic stables such as Stallion comics, Mpire comics and alongside veterans like ICS Studios. It was a pretty good day for Nigerian comics back then. Things were looking up for the down trodden Nigerian comic industry.

Seven or so editions later, the Lagos comic con held one of it’s biggest events yet at the Hallmark events center in Victoria Island, at the end of 2018. Shortly after, about a month or so later, a new comic con emerged in the form of the UNICON and then another convention was held by Comic Republic at the Fringe creative festival at Freedom Park in Lagos Island. Who could have imagined that Nigeria would host three comic conventions in just one year?

It’s been interesting watching this all unfold. I’ll admit I was more than a little excited when I learned that there were going to be two comic cons (Lagos Comic Con and the Unicon) taking place at the end of 2018. A little competition never hurt anyone they say (that might not have been the case in this instance, but that’s a story for another time) and I was even more surprised to discover a third was happening shortly after (Comic Connect), albeit on the same day as the second (UNICON) and while it may seem a little counterproductive, Nigerian comic book fans got three comic cons in two months (one year) and that was something many of us couldn’t have imagined just a few short years ago.

Check out the video below of the Lagos ComicCon 2018 courtesy of Cinema Shed:

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