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Pedacomics is a nigerian-based comic company founded by Peter Daniel, who also happens to be the artist for the company’s flagship title NEW BORN SAGA: RISE OF THE MZELI! And with other African styled titles like Mbuze and Di’ Iche they’ve been making quite a name for themselves.

What I like about Pedacomics, aside from their decision to launch their outfit with a uniquely African narrative, is the fact that they took the time to work on one single title and flesh out that story first, before launching newer titles like Alex “Rudeworks” Ighoja’s Showdown. Even with a single issue in this series, you already get a sense of what the story is going to be about, much like with Comic Republic’s brand new title “The Spear”, which does a more than half decent job at balancing out action with a more than decent dose of backstory.  It is also worth mentioning that taking time to make several issues of a single comic title isn’t easy and accomplishing that and pushing that one title as far as they have is an accomplishment in itself in present day Nigerian. And that is something Pedacomics have managed to achieve with NewBorn Saga.

Another thing I’ve always liked about Pedacomics is that the first title they ever published deviated from the superhero genre and attempted to give us something new and wholly African in it’s origins and concept. Focusing their story more of fictional African folklore, rather than simply mimicking the order of the day of western-styled comics. But it is worthy of note, that this something many other Nigerian-based companies have only recently started paying more attention to.  Perhaps thanks in no small part to the critical success of Marvel’s Black Panther. Pedacomics flagship title NewBorn Saga features a host of African styled heroes who hail from all over Africa. Out of all the really good comic Artists in the country, I’ve always thought that there was something quite unique about Peter Daniel’s art style, especially for Newborn Saga. There are other good artists at Peda, with Nwankwor Newman (Artist Di’Iche) and Alexander “Rudeworks” Ighoja (Writer and Artist: Showdown, Tek Kids) but Newborn has a style of it’s own, helped even more by the fact that Pedacomics seemed to take their time in crafting the story for the title. As a writer, story always comes first for me and while that might not always be the case for everyone who reads comics these days, it’s the story that gives the action and extraordinary circumstances of our heroes the impact that eventually leads to them being great characters. And with other titles like Showdown seemingly following the same trend (and if things keep going as they are) Pedacomics is one of those names I’m sure you’ll be hearing a whole lot more about for sometime to come.

The only downside with Pedacomics, with the exception of the “Newborn” title (Which already has quite a number of issues), is that while they offer up quality comics, they perhaps do not have as much content as our number one pick in this Top Ten. They simply can’t stand up to Comic Republic in terms of the number of titles or issues on offer and that means that while they share a similar rating to their counterparts, the sheer content on display at the Republic wins the day.

You can check out Pedacomics here at:

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