Epoch comics is a subsidiary of  Epoch Studios as was founded by Martin Okonkwo. Now, just like the other publishers ranked at number one and two, Epoch actually have a host titles on offer for the avid comic reader. With titles like Pterygote, The Seraph, Aegis, Moon Dust and Barikisu they’ve built up quite a number of interesting characters and stories to entertain the average comic fan and I have to say that the comic characters created by Epoch are unique in there own way and tend to be unlike any other comic character you might find among the rosters of their counterparts.

For some reason though, Epoch finds itself somewhere in the middle of the top ten and honestly, I’m not even completely sure why. It is however, worth mentioning that Epoch also advertises itself as a creative studio and offers its services out to clients for the development and design of products they don’t publish themselves, and this might be a contributing factor (There’s only so much time to do anything in this country) to their lack of notoriety when it comes to marketing themselves as a comic company.

Don’t get me wrong. They have a more than decent media presence on several social platforms and they’ve made several appearances at Nigerian comic conventions. However, they’ve never really pushed the envelope when it comes to promoting their comics and their characters as much as some of the people above them in this list have, which I find sad mostly because aside from Martin Okonkwo’s awesome art, Epoch has some of the best comic writing of any of the Nigerian comic publishers I’ve read so far. With writers like Emmanuel Ezeabiama (Teen Angels, Seraph and Aegis), Debby Novia (Seraph) and Simi Ajayi (Pterygote) and a couple of others,  I have to say Epoch’s titles are among my favorites to read.

Another factor might be that they’re simply biding their time, developing their properties until they feel they have enough titles and issues to make that push. Much like I’ve done with my comic company. But, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Most of their comics are free to read on their site and they’ve even released new titles as recently as 2018 like Teen Angels (which was a lot better than I thought it was going to be) and Vector Squad, which seems geared more towards a much younger demographic than their previous work has been.

Most of their titles are free to read online or download on the website here: Enjoy!

Update: If you’re in Nigeria, you can now get Epoch comic titles in print at these locations listed in this poster below.

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