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Yes, I know what some of you are thinking. Should a cartoon strip (even a very good one) really qualify for this list? And why so high in the rankings? Well, seeing as this is the ComicBandit Press Editor’s Choice and I’m the Editor, I say it does. Especially, in the case of Crasher Comics.

Crasher Comics was founded, created, drawn and written by Kayode “Kro” Onimole and is an online comic strip following the whacky adventures of the title character and his friends as they give an often humorous, sometimes satirical, but mostly honest insight into what it means to be Nigerian.

Crasher Comics has simply been around for as long as new Nigerian comic industry has been a able to call itself and industry and then some. Crasher recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, meaning they’ve been around for 10 years. Now, there have been a number of comic creators in Nigerian who can lay claim to being around for as long as Crasher has, but I doubt that any of them can lay claim to being as consistent.

As content goes, there’s a lot of it and it’s quite simply brilliant. Some the strips may not seem that funny to some, but that’s because Crasher wasn’t only made to make you laugh. There are some of the strips, pulled from the darkly recesses of Kayode Onimole mind that often tackle certain cultural and political issues which have trended or are trending in his native country of Nigeria. The truth of the matter is that Crasher deserves its standing in this Top Ten, simply because it’s brilliant; another plus has to be that for last ten years the strip has been available to read for free on both the site and now on Crasher’s instagram page.

Crasher may not be making the headlines or getting as much critical acclaim as some other comic publishers on this list, but in my humble opinion it certainly deserves too.

You can check out all the strips free on their website here:

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